New Website

I am excited about unveiling our brand new website at ShaunaCovington.com! After a lot of hard work, the complete redesign from the ground-up has added an incredible amount of upgraded features and design to our website that is here to serve you! Our goal being simply to provide you with the best “user experience” possible.

ShaunaCovington.com offers beautiful photo galleries of all of our listings here in the US and Internationally and galleries of our paid marketing materials we use to sell your home. Our Contact Page offers you several options to get a hold of me and one easy way is through our contact form.

Be sure to keep up to date with the latest news, events, and inspirations, found within my blog posts. Lastly, if you want to communicate with me, you can submit your comments by using the form on any of my blog posts, give me a call at 949.395.8786 or by emailing me at shauna@shaunacovington.com.

I hope that these improvements will enhance your visit to our site!

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